how to be a better linemen in football


Touchdown!!!!!!  Have you ever played football if not you will see how to be a better linemen. If not and your just starting this paper will give you some tips and drills to get better. You will see a few drills to help you make your stance better,how to pull as a linemen, how to block a bigger guy than you and how to move your feet. Those are the tips and drills to help you be a better linemen.

      In this paragraph you will learn how to move you feet. Here is one drill to  help you move your feet the drill is to basically hold a squat and shuffle without crossing your feet.  When on the line don't just stand up right away or you will get hurt or plowed. So when getting off the line get in a good low stance and move your feet not running to the guy.

       In this paragraph you will learn a drill to make your blocking stance better. First you can push a sled while in  a football stance. You should do push-ups sit-ups and squats. You can try to find someone and tell them to try to get low and then you get lower. Then once your low have them kinda push you and see if you fall over if you don't good if you do try to get in a better stance.  The low man pretty much always wins and when your low keep your head up not down.

        In this paragraph you will learn how to pull. First you should get off the line fast/quick and turn your and the run and be a leed blocker. The first guy from the other team you see block him from tackling your runner. When getting off the line drop 1 foot back then run or else you will run into the guy next to you. Pulling is fun because you get to be a leed blocker and you can run and hit guys harder.

       Now that you know how to do all the other skills now we can put them all together to help you block a bigger guy than you. Bigger guys tend to stand up because they thing there so big but doing that makes it easier to block them. So get low and move your feet then it will be harder for them to knock you down. I hope you don't get plowed on your butt.

        So now you know how to move your feet, a few drill to help your stance, how to pull, and how to block a bigger guy than you. I hope you learned a little alot or all of the stuff I talked about. Also be safe playing football and don't put your head down because you could get a concussion.


(stance) a position you get in before the play starts

(plowed) getting hit so hard you fall flat on your butt


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