Jay Lynn's Life!

Hi Everyone This Is A Short Story About My Life!

Hey, My Name Is Jay Lynn and This Is My Faimly ! I Live In The North Philadelphia. These Are Just A Couple People In My Family But, I Have A Very Huge Family. Most Of The Pictures In The Slide Show Represent My Close Friends & Family!

1. I Live In North Phildelphia

2. My Favorite Subject Is Math

3. I Have A Dog Named Milo

This Is A Story About My Life Since I Was Born! It all started when I was a premauture baby and I died and came back. So the doctors put me in an machine and the machine burned me. (I have the picture of the burn in the slide show) My mom said she didn't sew the hospital for the burn because they saved my life. So that was when baby Snookum (That's What My Mom Used To Call Me, My Aunt Still Calls Me That)  came along, February 4th, 2003. So every year since I was born I had to go to the hospital to get a needle in my wrist so I can move it. I stopped going when I was 5 years old. Now when I go to the doctors they just ask me to move my wrist just to make sure everything is working ok. I look at myself as a normal kid and I am grateful that no one treats me different just because of my arm. Besides the fact every time someone sees it they ask me the following questions: ''What Happened?'', ''Does It Hurt?'' & my all time favorite ''Can I Feel It?'' My Grand mom always says that I was marked by God. (I'm special) So moving on my old school was St. Martin De Porres! Really good school! Why I left, because for me they were too strict, & school did not end until 4:00 pm. I was looking for something different, & I found Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School.  This is my 2nd year with PALCS & so far I love it. This is my slide show of my family & friends!

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