No Child Too Far

Unicef's cause

A Humanitarian Cause

Unicef is a humanitarian non-governmental organization virtually present in 190 countries. Their mission is to help children from all over the world in their fight for survival by providing them with basic necessities such as food and water during risky and trouble times. They provide this help only using donated money accumulated online or via special fundraisers. It is one of the thirty-six National Committees that work for the well-being of children all over the world. Unifec was established more than fifty years ago and always ensured the survival of children at risk during emergenciesé

A clear vision

Unicef has a clear vision of what world it wants to create with its efforts. This organisation believes that every child should be able to survive, to live in good conditions. Its vision is "Every Child. Every Opportunity. No Execptions." Its mission reflects its engagement to this clear, essential vision. In Canada, it wishes to " mobolize and empower Canadians to invest in the positive transformation of every child's future." In each country, its mission differs depending on the situation and the needs of the country. This organisazion works in many fields of expertise such as:

  • Children's Right of Survival
  • Help Stop Child Exploitation
  • Child development and Education
  • Protecting Children with HIV and AIDS
  • Child Advocacy

Unicef has always worked on these urgent fields of action while respecting its roots, its values. It respects its vision, resourcefulness, resolve and inclusiveness. Throughtout the years, this organisazion only grew bigger while staying true to its vision.

An Important Action

Unicef has always been on the first ranks to help children in emergency situation such as natural disasters and wars. On the course of one year, this organization responds to more than 200 emergencies in more than ninety countries. Only this year, Unicef is already on the move to help children around the world

Horn of Africa

In this particular region of Africa composed of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, multiple droughts and conflicts are crippling children. Unicef is the most present humanitarian organization on this territory despite de logistical and security challenges it faced. It helps the population of those countries using a particular innovative technique, the terapeuthic feeding.

Sahel Crisis

This ensemble of african countries is composed of the Burkina Faso, the Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia. The children of those countries are helped and saved from malnutrition, cholera, conflicts and even death by the efforts of Unicef.

CĂ´te d'Ivoire's Presidencial Crisis

This country is plagued with conflicts due to its controversial presidencial elections. Unicef is activally helping children of this country from conflicts and starvation.

Libya's War

Civil wars in Libya affect the lives of their children. Unicef is currently deployed in this country to help provide very essential supplies to these children and their families to save them from conflicts, starvation, illnesses and death.

Unicef Now

At this very moment, Unicef is actively raising funds for multiple causes and disasters that plagued the world in 2013 and 2014. You can help raise money now for the Philippines, Syria, Central African Republic and the very important emergency relief fund.

An Explanation As To Why Help

Unicef is a non-governmental organization that helps children from all over the world survive and thrive even during crisis and disasters. Every penny donated goes to those children, to their fight for survival. As Unicef is a credible, professional organisazion, there is no need to worry about corruption or not fundraising the good cause. You can even make a difference in this organization by becoming a volonteer or participating in fundraisers as an adult or participate in fundraisers as a child or organize your own efforts. As a child, most of us participated in Unicef fundraisers ourselves with the popular and easily recognizable orange world Unicef day box that the children carry around on Halloween to accumulate money for the organization. Both adults and children can help this wonderful organization in their everyday lives. There are no bad reasons not to give help and hope to the future of our world. You can help them by helping Unicef.

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