Fossil Fuels!

What Makes Them So Important?

                                                                  How They are Formed:

      Fossil fuels are formed by plants and animals dying, and, over millions of years, decaying into the ground. To get these fuels, people use oil machines and other tools to get them out of the ground. Fossil Fuels are considered non-renewable resources and take an extremely long period of time to form!


        The original formation of coal began in ancient swamps. When plants in these areas died, they sank to the very bottom of the swamps. After a while, a thick layer of partially decayed plants built up on top of the plants. Over time, the layer of the partially decayed plants was buried by layers of other sediment. After some more time was passed, extreme  heat and pressure changed the plants into soft, then hard coal.

                                                                   Oil/Natural Gas:

       Millions of years ago, extremely small plants and animals lived in the ocean. Eventually, these tiny creatures and plants died and drifted to the bottom of the ocean. They stayed there for millions of years. Every year, more plants and animals would pile up on top of them. Over millions of years, these layers of small organisms were buried deeper and deeper in the ocean floor. The deeper the layers were buried, the more squished together they became. As the layers pressed together, it turned into sand and then rock and the plants and animals were turned to oils and natural gases.

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