Harrison, Ajay, and Layeth | Shropshire 3rd, | April 28, 2014

Détente: an ending of unfriendly or hostile relations between countries leaders of the Soviet Union and the United States agreed on a policy of détente, or reduction in hostility, trying to cool the costly arms race and slow their competition in developing countries.

Détente did not solve the conflicts between the superpowers, but it was the sign of the permanent relaxation of Cold War tensions and invoked a new wave of cooperation.

Détente was most visible in negotiations designed to reduce the threat posed by strategic nuclear weapons.

A main point of détente was the hopeful equillibrium and time of relaxation in tensions between US, China, and USSR. Every country of the trio needed détente in their own ways, and in effort to achieve this goal, each country made attempts to ease tensions with each other.

Détente ended after Soviet-intervention in Afghanistan.

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