Rehabilitation Psychologist

By: Yvonne Betsinger

My career goal is to be a Rehabilitation Psychologist.

What is Rehabilitation Psychology?

The nature of the work consists of:

  • Diagnosing patients
  • Will be responsible for assessing patients to determine what's wrong
  • and Recommend a coarse of treatment

Advantages and Benefits

  • Fast job growth(28% 2010-2020)
  • Multiple employment options
  • You get to have a positive influence on people


  • Flexible hours
  • Rewarding work
  • and High earnings


  • Usually requires a Master's Degree
  • You will need a licence to work at a private practice
  • Assisting people can be stressful

Skills needed to be successful

You need to have:

  • Caring and Understanding skills
  • Good Communication and Listening skills
  • and Good Note Taking skills

Related Occupations

School Psychologist, Social Psychologist, Military Psychologist, Psychotherapist, etc...

I plan to go to the University of Denver college of Professional and Continuing Studies

College Information

Location: 2211 S Josephine St. Denver, CO 80210

Visit their website at

This college offers on campus housing.

Admission Information

Admissions/Placement Tests: ACT or SAT

Application Form: $60 Application Fee


  • Application: January 15th
  • SAT/ACT scores must be received: February 4th

College Expenses:

Amount of deposit (after acceptance): $300 (with a plan), or $500

Total annual cost:

  • Full year: $60,951
  • 3/4th of a year: $49,687

Tuition and fees:

  • Tuition: about $571
  • Tech fee: about $4 per credit for each class taken
  • GIS lab fee: about $50 per class (online and on campus)
  • Master's application: about $75 for each application
  • Certified application: about $50 for each application
  • Tuition Deferral: about $45 per quarter (non-refundable)
  • Health insurance (international students only): varies
  • Books and Supplies: $3,132
  • Room and Board: $4,386

Financial Aid

Grants and Scholarships are available (these do NOT need to be paid back). They also offer loans(all loans NEED to be paid back).

Financial aid Deadlines;

  • Winter Quarter: October 24th, 2014
  • Spring Quarter: January 30th, 2015
  • Summer Quarter: April 17, 2015

Financial aid forms: FAFSA

Percent of undergraduates receiving financial aid: 84%

Average amount awarded to undergraduates: $34,510

Activities Offered


  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Men's Golf
  • Women's Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Men's Lacrosse
  • Women's Lacrosse
  • Skiing
  • Men's Soccer
  • Women's Soccer
  • Swim and Dive
  • Men's Tennis
  • Women's Tennis
  • Volleyball

Clubs and Organizations:

  • Alpine
  • Arts
  • multi-culture
  • Grilling Society
  • Skating
  • Queer Straight Alliance
  • Tappers
  • Engineering
  • Geek Life

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