Aleena Stephens

Diamond Pained Window

I took this picture of my front door for the Elements project. I like the pattern of the diamonds and the texture of the glass.

The Ways of Water

I like this picture because of the contrast and shapes that the water is making.

Silver Spring

The water on the flower and the high detail makes this my favorite of my collection, A Study in Flowers.

A-pear-ently Beautiful  

The pear trees in my backyard produce beautiful white flowers every year. I love the way that the leaves provide contrast with the blossoms and sky.

Peeling Tree

The depth of field and texture of the bark makes me like this picture.

Stairway to Nowhere

This stairway by the Brazos River has lovely texture, and the birds taking off in the background spiced up the Waco feeling nicely.

Old Road to Freedom

I feel like this bridge would have amazing stories to tell if it could talk. The texture in the wood, the leading lines in the track, and the criss-cross of the beams over the bridge make me love this picture.


Hayoung Park was kind enough to model for my portrait project earlier this year. I love the way her shirt contrasts the neutral colors of the wall behind her.

Coming Light

The sun is a photographers best friend and worst enemy simultaneously. In this picture however, the sun was only my best friend. I love the silhouette and the lens flare that the sun so graciously provided for me.

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