How the Bubonic Plague Affected the English Peasants Paragraph

By Ethan Griffith

The Peasants affected the Peasants in two great ways: one good, one bad. The first affect was the peasants demanding for higher wages. since the bubonic plague was killing about 30-40% of Europe's population, peasants were harder to find, making them more valuable. Also, since the nobles and rich merchants were dying of the plague, the peasants got to move in, and have individual stools and plates, instead of sitting on a common bench and eating from a common plate. As for the other reason, the peasants formed a few revolts. The monarchs and nobles tried to keep the wages and feudalism tree stable by trying to return things to the way they were. The peasants didn't like that, and they marched t o London to show them how unhappy they were. Their leader was killed when they confronted the king, but the king decided the lead them. However, the peasant's revolts eventually failed, but the kings and noble couldn't return thing to the way they were. Altogether, the peasant had the most improvement over their original lives. They lived in rich buildings now, but they still were angry with the kings and nobles with their revolts.

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