1. Reba Jo's Favorite pass time of all was roping she lassoed cacti,water buckets,fence post, and any unlucky critter that passed her way.

Inference: She lives in a desert area she is a cow girl she loves adventures. She is going to lasso an animal and thats why it's unlucky she might kill our hunt it.

2. Reba's father told that a prairie prairie storm could blow in quicker than a rattlesnake's strike, causing a flash flood to rip through the riverbed. Reba Jo knew she should turn back. But right at the edge of the gully she spotted a vulture all fat and sassy sitting on the top of a dried up old well.

Inference: She might get caught in a prairie storm. She might miss the vulture and something bad happens. She wants to obey her father and go back but she will lasso the vulture anyway.

3. As Reba Jo whirled a great gust of wind came whipping through the arroyo and blew her new cow girl hat right off her head and down to the bottom of the dusty old well.

Inference: Her dad will get mad that his money was wasted and she was where she was not supposed to be in the arroyo.

4. She spotted a big fat horned toad looking at her the Horned Toad looked at her slyly
and said "I'll fetch you sombrero:hat for you if you will do tres:three  pequeno:small favors for me some chili,a song, and a nap in my hat?

Inference: She will tricked the frog our do something deceiving to trick the frog. The frog will do it and help the frog will expect his favors.

5. Would you give me a kiss, por favor: please? "If you do this last thing for me we'll call it even and i'll be on my way pronto:soon," the Horned Toad said.

Inference: She'll be skeptical but do it to get the frog to leave her alone. In all stories when you kiss a frog it transforms i think it will turn into a man,

6. When the dust cleared there before Reba stood a handsome young caballero-gentlemen.

Inference: She regret she sent him away nut he'll leave because it was the bargain

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