Week 5: Symbaloo EDU

Do you ever feel like you're drowning in a massive collection of online tools and resources? Teachers access classroom links, lesson plans, educational videos, email and calendars, social media, stored documents, AND MORE on a daily basis. Symbaloo is a free visual social bookmarking tool that gives you access to anything you bookmark from any computer or mobile device.

Symbaloo is pretty straight-forward, but if you prefer to follow specific instructions, the following video(s) will walk you through the steps to create an account and start working with your Mixes!  If you don't want to watch all of it, click the PLAYLIST option from the upper left corner and select the video you want to watch:

  • Part 1 - Symbaloo Overview & How to register for an account
  • Part 2 - Creating your first Mix & Adding Tiles
  • Part 3 - More Symbaloo Options
  • Part 4 - Creating a QUICKSTART Mix
  • Part 5 - Sharing your WebMix

Getting Started

  1. Register for your FREE Symbaloo EDU account
  2. Click the + symbol at the top to create a new Mix
  3. Click into a blank tile, then select create, OR right-click into an empty tile and add a weblink.

What makes Symbaloo SOCIAL?

The ability to SHARE webmixes is what really pushes Symbaloo to the "next level" for me. As an Instructional Technologist, I can create a webmix with different district tools and resources to share with teachers. Teachers can create webmixes to share with students or even other teachers!

You can easily share the URL for your shared webmix, but you can also embed it into your class webpage for easy access!

Classroom Applications

  • Create a Mix with "teacher-approved" educational game sites that can be accessed at school or home.
  • Working on a research project, but you want to help "guide" the research? Create a mix with specific websites for the students to use.
  • Create a Student Project Portfolio - if your students create online projects (Animoto, YouTube, or documents saved into OneDrive, etc.), create a tile for each student that points to their project.
  • Book Trailers - link to book trailers (from YouTube, etc.) that you created, your students created, or others created - all in one place!

*Remember that these webmixes can be shared with others by sending them the URL or embedding the mix onto a webpage.

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