Sturdy For 30

Austin Goodman

Challenge: Don't drink soda or eat chips


Challenges of not drinking soda were that every time I would open my fridge there would always be cans of soda. Challenges of not eating chips were that I used to eat 1-2 bags a day but then when I did the 30 day challenge it was hard because I have a lot of chips at my house.


By not drinking soda I have started drinking a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water has helped keep me hydrated for sports, however it made me go to the bathroom a lot and I DID NOT like that.

What I will do in the future

Since it helped me a lot with being hydrated for sports, I think that I will end up drinking the same amount of water. Also I probably won't eat as much chips anymore.

Turdy for 30

I was only turdy for 2 days during the end of the 30. I drank a soda and a bag of chips.

Bottles from one day

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