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The Outsiders/Hero's Journey

The outsiders/Hero's Journey

I have gotten better at righting essay this year especially with mechanics and CUPS.  CUPS are capitalization, usage, punctuation and spelling.  My writing is really strong in the creativity department.  I still need to work on my CUPS even though I have gotten much better this year.  I liked this novel it is a good book and I liked the cartoons we watched about the hero's journey.  

The outsiders/hero journey Wes Walters

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Most people think of hero as people who can fly shoot lasers from their eyes or drive cool cars. This image has been painted through our minds by comic books and hit movies.Where the hero prevails against evil in epic battles. However, this is not the only type of hero. There is a different more low profile hero like ponyboy curtis he goes on a Hero’s journey. He may not be batman but he returns to everyday with a gift. In the realistic fiction novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton The main character Ponyboy Curtis goes on a Hero’s He goes through the three phases, separation from the known, the initiation, the return to everyday life.

Ponyboy experiences the separation from the known when Dally tells Ponyboy and Johnny to Leave town on a freight train. Johnny and Ponyboy are jumped by soc’s Johnny stabs and kills Bob one of the soc’s and so Dally says. ‘“Hop the three fifteen freight to Windrixville’ Dally instructed. ‘There’s an old church on top of Jay mountain, there is a pump in the back so don’t worry about water buy a weeks supply of food as soon as you get there before the story gets out and don’t so much as stick your knows out the door’” (61).

In the hero’s journey the separation from the known is when the hero leaves the known and go into the unknown. This quote tells us that tells us that Ponyboy goes through phase one of the Hero’s journey. His threshold is when Dally tells them to leave town after the soc gets killed. Dally is helpful. Dally is considered a threshold guardian The dramatic change of leaving town alone for the first time, forces pony into action. He hops the train to windrixville and is off without telling is brothers.

Ponyboy experiences the initiation when he, Johnny and Dally go into the burning church and save the little kids. Ponyboy and Johnny are living in the abandoned church after they went on the run. Dally shows up and invites them to get a bite to eat. They come back and they see the church in flames. “We pushed the door open and found four or five little kids about eight years old or younger huddled in a corner. one was screaming his head off and johnny yelled, ‘shut up’, ‘we’re going to get you out. The kid looked surprised and shut up” (92). In the hero’s journey the first part of the initiation is when the character experiences challenges. The character has trouble with something that is a test. Pony experiences the challenges when he goes into the burning church. He risks his life to save the lives of little kids. He is extremely brave. And in the end he catches fire Johnny and Dally are also hurt but johnny is hurt the worst. Pony is scared because he is not sure johnny will survive. The fire destroys where they were living it destroyed his second choice of living. This is a test he had the choice of being a hero or being like Dally. Ponyboy experiences the initiation part two when he is at the rumble and doesn’t think that they should be there he thinks that they should be there. It is just before the rumble where tey are set to fight the rival soc’s. When Pony realizes that he and his whole gang are not like the guys that they are fighting with Pony narrates. The brumlee boys too, young hoods who will grow up to be old hoods. I’d never thought of it this way but they’d only get worse as they get older. In the Hero’s Journey the second part of the Initiation when the hero goes through a transformation he changes after he has a tough time. During the transformation pony goes through a transformation just before the Rumble when he realizes who are his”friends”. He realizes that the people he is fighting with are hoods. He thinks that they will only get worse.

Ponyboy experiences The Return to Everyday Life when Darry and him catch Soda after he ran away they started to understand each other. Soda runs off after Pony and Darry get in a fight. They chase him down and they start to understand each other. Darry says, ‘“sure little buddy, ‘no more fighting’ (178). In the Hero’s Journey The Return to everyday life is when the hero comes back to his normal life with a gift. In the outsiders Ponyboy comes back to his normal life a new found love for his older brother Darry and a better understanding for his brother Soda. He promises that he and Darry will not fight anymore. He understands Soda more than he did before. He and Darry are not fighting and they love each other more than ever. He appreciates Darry and sodas perspectives on life. He and his brothers get along great in life.

In this book Ponyboy goes through a hero’s journey. In the first phase of the hero’s journey, he goes through a threshold to adventure. In the second phase he goes through challenges and a transformation. Finally he returns to everyday life with a gift. It is unlikely anyone will become overloaded with radiation and become huge. But anyone can go on a hero’s journey. Go through a threshold some challenges and a transformation and do good in the world anyone can be a hero.

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