Games Development
Genres, Technologies and platforms.

An adventure game is a game that is open and free, where you can roam around and explore the game whilst collecting items and completing missions like real life. Examples of the top adventure games are Grand Theft Auto, The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid and many RPG's such as mass effect or Final Fantasy.

FPS "First Person Shooter"

A First Person Shooter is a game where the player goes around shooting enemies or targets but the player sees it through the eyes of the character they are controlling. Examples of the top games are Call Of Duty, Goldeneye, Wolfenstein 3D and Battlefield.

Fighting Games

In Fighting Games the player can control a character to have have one-on-one combat with an opponent whom can usually be controlled by another player or computer. They are usually set in an arena or stadium and set in rounds. Examples of top games are Mortal Combat, Tekken, Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter.

MMO "Massively Multiplayer online"

MMO is a game where the main gameplay focus is online, it is a very popular mix with the RPG genre. A few examples are League of Legends, strife, LOTR online and Final Fantasy.

Comparing Platforms
Xbox one vs Playstation 4

As they both were released around about the same time the competition has been phenomenal but which is better?


PlayStation 4 bundled with top game is £309, Xbox One with top game £328, there isn't a big difference in the price but PlayStation 4 is the cheaper console.


The Xbox One is 10 percent larger than the Xbox 360 and keeps its big black box design, the PlayStation 4 has a slanted design and is sleeker, slimmer and less likely to dominate your under TV space. The Xbox One is bigger due to the new cooling system installed this is because the the 360 had problems with overheating which led on to the red ring issues. The Xbox One charger lead  has a huge power brick in order to turn on which can take up space and make your nice and neat wire organisation pretty complicated. The PlayStation 4 has just a single wire from socket to console which makes it more accessible to to move around the house.


The Xbox one's user interface is heavily inspired by windows phone and windows 8 it has a modern look but has been criticized about  glitches and odd behavior, And can be difficult to navigate without the Kinect software. However once you have learned to use the context-specific menu button and found where Microsoft has hidden features the user interface is actually quite good. The PlayStation's User interface is quite basic and has a simple layout but is actually Favorited because its straight forward and is easy to use.


Out of the two consoles the PS4 has better graphics hardware and the graphics processing unit is 50% more powerful, so overall I would say that the PlayStation 4 is the gamer's choice because its more powerful, better graphics and the PlayStation plus service is great.

Impacts of Computer games on society

Positive Impacts

Hand-eye coordination: If you play games for a long period of time your hand-eye coordination will get better, playing games like Wii sports will help this because they are mainly hand-eye coordinated games like bowling or tennis.Other simulation games like pilot or driving games have advanced so far recently that virtual gaming is used to train pilots and drivers. It gives benefit of increasing hand-eye coordination needed to control high tech machinery without putting the instructor or learner at risk.

Brain Training: There is specific brain training games have been created in a range of subject areas so that you can play training games on hand held consoles. Training games can set continuous challenges to improve scores and give feedback on the player this makes learning fun.

Thinking and strategy skills: Games like war related games where the player has to plan a strategy to play the game, this helps players develop thinking skills and  to think outside the box.

Negative impacts

Excess playing time: As we have looked at the positive impacts of gaming it also has a negative impact on society. One thing is the time spent on video games, playing video games over a long period of time gets addicting which can cause change in your sleeping pattern which could lead on to people to lose their job or to get kicked out of school for not attending.

Social isolation: Following on from spending too much time playing video games, gamers also put there social life at risk because of spending to much time video gaming. This means that the gamer has played so much gaming alone that they have had no human interaction with anyone and this can make them withdrawn and could have a negative effect on their social skills.

Separation from reality: Some gamer's get that addicted with the gameplay that they actually believe that they are  part of the virtual world in which the game takes place. Its not so bad if there playing on an adventure game or children's game but if there playing on violent games like "gta" this can cause the gamer to become violent when they are not playing games. Another example is of people blaming something they have done on the video game they are playing on because of playing the game so much they think the game is reality, Due to this people have robbed, assaulted or even killed people and have blamed it straight on the game they have been playing.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset which shows a fully mesmerizing 3D experience that makes you feel like you  are actually in the game. The experience is that amazing you can be in your favorite game, movie or it can even take you away to another destination across the world. To play the game in this virtual reality you have an Xbox One wireless controller which is perfect for the wide range of games and experiences.