Race/Discrimination Comparison
Anthony Gordon


The movie 42 is about Jackie Robinson's life as a professional baseball player.  This was a time after WWII where blacks, including Jackie, served as equals to whites in the military, but came home to segregation of schools, water fountains, bathrooms and everything.  This film goes through the struggles Jackie had to deal with being a black man in a society that has its priorities for the whites.  He dealt with racism and discrimination and he stood tall where others would fail.  He was able to make it as the first black man in professional baseball.  Through his efforts and his endurance he was able to change some of the views people had of the separation between whites and blacks.  

Race and Discrimination Throughout the Film

The movie 42 goes through the struggle in which Dodger's manager, Ricky, wants to bring diversity to baseball.  Jackie is brought to break the mold of the white only professional league.  Throughout the years beforehand professional baseball was for whites only as most other quality things were as those who were of color were discriminated for not being like the white people.  During the time Jackie plays he deals with criticism throughout the film by racist people who believe he is less superior for his skin color and that his presence brings shame for whoever is with him.  Jackie faces many racial slurs and every white man chooses to discriminate instead of seeing him for what he really is, just because the color of his skin isn't white.  Towards the end more people feel sympathy towards him and most learn that he is not so different.  

What the Audience Learns About Race/Discrimination

In this film the audience sees the cruelties that took place to people of color.  They see the effects discrimination has on a person.  They see how it affected society as a whole and how it tore us apart as a nation.  It shows how terrible most white people could be back then without even noticing it because they blind in the difference of race.  

Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is a movie about a group of boys from different races becoming united as a team in a community that wanted them apart.  In the town tensions between the white and black communities are high.  In the beginning neither race wants to play with the other, but the new coach causes them to all come together and forces them when they refuse to.  They learn they aren't as different as they once thought and the team brings each other together even through persecution from others in the community.   Once they win a perfect season they are able to show others the greatness that is brought through diversity.  

Race and Discrimination Throughout the Film

Remember the Titans starts out in a town in Virginia.  Many people in the town have their mind set on race being a determining factor.  It is after the laws of blacks being separated from whites are lifted, but the white people still don't like doing anything with the blacks.  The white people

What the Audience Learns About Race/Discrimination

In this film the audience learns that race is inconsequential. They learn that no matter what anyone else says we are all equal, and discrimination can be and is absolutely worthless. This film showed that getting to know someone will show you that their are no differences between you. It shows the audience that even different races are the same. The team came together as friends, as brothers. They showed that any difference can be overcome and that no matter what, we all are family.

Today's World: Race and Discrimination

Not many people in today's world like to speak of race or discrimination.  They are touchy subjects that nowadays often lead to arguments and start fights.  This is much like what happened with the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.  Once race was brought up into the case of a white officer shooting and young black man, violence broke out in the streets.  Businesses were raided, cars were burned, and innocent people were hurt all because of the idea that someone discriminated.

In many cases people do not discriminate or think based on race, but sometimes they do it without even knowing. In many places of business their used to be people who discriminated and it was difficult for those of different races to get in, but there is a law now called the affirmation act which was made to provide everyone an equal chance at a job no matter what their race and repairs the damages caused by discrimination in the past.  In many cases race and discrimination are irrelevant, but in many other cases unfortunately it isn't.  

Comparison Between the Films and Today

  • Unlike in the movie 42, today there are many black sports players in professional leagues and racial slurs are more disliked by the majority of people in society. More people today, similarly to what Ricky said in the movie 42, feel sympathy for those who suffer and will defend them more if they are hurt by others for no apparent reason.
  • Today there are many disputes over the equality of races like the Ferguson Riots which are similar to the large protests in Remember the Titans where violence overtook everything else because people were blinded by race.
  • Near the end of the films the teams in both 42 and Remember the Titans felt like a family without care for their race and many people in teams today feel the same way. For some people race couldn't be any more unnoticed and people care for each other without thought of race
  • What I Have Learned

    Through the lessons, I have learned many different things.  I have learned that our race is the DNA that gives us our physical traits and not our ancestry, and that to society race is all an illusion.  Race is an illusion to society because society views race more on simply skin color and ancestry so they're view it incorrectly.  Even though society incorrectly views race, race is still very important to her.  Many people in society use racial stereotypes to describe different people, and some parts of society will use scapegoats to blame problems on a different race.  In the documentary A Class Divided I saw how discriminating others for being different can make people feel better about themselves, and I saw the pain that the children went through when they faced prejudice from their peers.  In the documentary I also saw the unity once they had overcome the differences and hostilities that were between them.  Overcoming problems caused by discrimination and racism creates more solid connections between people.  Society used to thrive on the separation that came from race, but now it thrives more on the unity that comes .

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