Galileo and Jupiter

For my two page spread in the Galileo children's book I have decided to write about Galileo's discovery of the stars around Jupiter and how it changed the history of science forever.

I think this is an important discovery of Galileo's because it is the one that got him in a lot of trouble. I plan on discussing how he discovered the four stars around Jupiter and how they moved around Jupiter. This was a very touchy subject, because most people, including the Church, believed that all planets, stars, moons, and the sun revolved around the earth, that earth was the center of the universe. Galileo was scared to share his evidence because he knew people would disapprove of it. But despite this, he was too excited not to share it and went on to published a book on it and dedicated it to the Grand Duke of Tuscany. This was a huge deal and what got Galileo into a bit of trouble because this discovery seemed to disagree with the Bible and other's religious beliefs.

It is going to be difficult for me to explain something very scientific in a way that younger children can understand it. But I think illustrations will be key in helping explain it better. Perhaps some illustrations showing the position of the stars as they move around Jupiter as Galileo saw them.