12/19/14 Advice and Gratitude from a German fellow

People asked me „Alex how can you stay that happy and nice the whole time, even when it's winter you're away from home and everything”. And of course I will answer this questions, and decided to give some advice too.

1. It's alright to feel sleepy and kinda bad because of the weather but don't push yourself, it's better when you just go to bad and take a nap. Believe me it can save the rest of your day.

2. Even when it's cold outside and there is snow everywhere don't stay at home all day take your biggest fluffy jacket and go outside, take a walk meet some friends and just spend some time outside. The fresh and cold air let you feel alive and, in general, good.

3. Sometimes when you're day was rough one of the best things to do is go and get eat your favorite food, it will cheer you up and food is always good and helps with sadness.

Things that I like especially and that I'm thankful for are ...

1. Netflix: because sometimes I just want to be lazy and watch some exciting shows, rather than work.

2. Wiener Schnitzel: even when I'm away from home and everything a simple German Wiener Schnitzel cheers me up and reminds me on home. It also tastes really good.

3. A hot bath: now where it's that cold outside and I'm really freezing a hot bath is my favorite way to heat up.

4. Video games: they let me forget the work I have to do ( Yes I know this isn't the best thing but whatever ), and they are really fun especially if I play with some friends.

5. My experiences: as an exchange student I'm grateful for every day I'm here and be able to have all these experiences.

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3 years ago

Mmm - mit spaetzle, als? Wonderful advice. Happy New Year, Alex, we are so happy you're with us.