Mystic Falls

Established in 1699 and located 2,000 miles east of the American state of Florida in the center of the Atlantic Ocean.


The people of Mystic Falls practice a religion called Mysticism. It is the belief that union with their Deity or the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender. The practice has been in this area for centuries, originating from ancient Greece and Iran. It is a peaceful religion and charitable to the community. There has never been a war with Mysticism involved.


Mystic Falls has no official language, however, everyone speaks French. Most citizens speak other languages as well, such as Mandarin, Spanish, and English (UK). Infants usually start speaking at the age of one. There is a legend that the town's most elderly people share a secret language native to this land. It has never been confirmed.


Before the 21st century, the people would feed on seafood, and local fruits and animals. However, it all changed when locals revolutionized their cuisine by creating an entirely new kind of food. They combined Mexican food, Italian Food, and Chinese food. The world knows it as "Mexicalianese". Their most popular dishes are the Sweet and Sour Chicken Enchiladas, and the Chipotle Kung Pao Lasagna.

Creative Expression

The people of Mystic Falls enjoy arts, sports, and activities with the entire community involved. Their traditional music is used with their annual party called Terre Sortir. Traditional music ensembles consists of drums carved from tree trunks and made with shark skin, and their horn instruments capable of 7 musical notes as opposed to the monotone horns around the world. Their most popular sport is soccer.