030 - October 15, 2014

HOW can we adapt to changes without losing our identity or sense of self?


Listened through a reading minute.
Watch a Video Lesson ("Conflict and Climax") and redid our novel questions
Read a short story about "In Trouble", by Gary Paulsen

For Homework, we

worked on finding and reading a non-fiction narrative book to be in class on Friday.

This week:
        We turned in and conferenced about our science intros.
                                   Here is an outline. Here is the rubric.
       We declared our narrative non-fiction by bringing it to class Friday.
                There are some lists here, here and here or go here and look under resource list, public list and click on narrative non-ficton

     Started our new paper due next week. (Details on Thursday)

     Read In Trouble by Gary Paulsen