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Drive for Intermediate

Taught by Kathy Kennedy
High School English Teacher & Drive Diva

Participants: Grades 7-12: Any Interested Staff

Date & Times: Thursdays: February 27; March 13, 20, 27; April 10, 17 and May 8, 15 from 3:30-5:00

Course Description: Please register by February 25th

Prerequisite: Teachers must know the basics of Drive, such as uploading, sharing and managing files, in order to take the class. They must also have a working classroom site.

Google Drive Intermediate will help streamline your classroom practice with all the apps of Drive, and even some in Chrome. The class will focus on Doctopus, Flubaroo, and Goobric, which are Google scripts created to help streamline document management.

Doctopus is a Google spreadsheet script that helps teachers manage the flow of shared work in their Google Drive accounts. The basic concept behind the script is to enable teachers to quickly share documents with all of the students on a roster, monitor usage of shared documents, and give students feedback within that roster spreadsheet.

Flubaroo is a free script that teachers can use to grade quizzes that they administer through Google Docs. First, teachers create a multiple-choice quiz using Forms in Google Docs. The teacher takes the quiz first and then has the students take the quiz. (You can embed it in a webpage or direct students to the URL for your form.) Then, instead of trying to grade the spreadsheet cells, the teacher inserts the Flubaroo script by selecting it from the “insert” menu in the spreadsheet. Once the Flubaroo script is inserted, just select it, and it will grade the quiz!

Goobric is a Chrome extension that works with Doctopus. Teachers can now score student docs with a rubric that floats atop a student doc. The rubric scores populate a spreadsheet, can be emailed directly to the student, and an image of the filled-out rubric is inserted at the end of the student document upon submission.

iPad for Beginners

Taught by Melissa Hayes,
Conant Art Teacher & Tech Phenom

Participants: Grades K-12: Any Interested Staff

Date/Times: Mondays: 01/13/14, 01/27/14, 02/10/14, 02/24/14, 03/10/14, 03/17/14, 03/24/14, 04/14/14 @ 4:15-5:45 (1 inservice credit/18 PDPs)

Course Description: Please register before January 9, 2014.

This class will explore how to use iPads in the classroom. We will start by focusing on the built-in apps and built-in accessibility features. We will then move onto to classroom management apps, self-expression apps and then subject specific apps. This course is not designed only for classroom teachers, so I will try to generalize the focus as much as possible to include all district employees.

Attendees will be expected to work an additional 6 hours outside of class meetings, as well as use their iPads in their own classrooms or practice on a regular basis.

Drive for Beginners

Taught by Stephanie Hoban

Participants: Grades K-12: Any interested staff

Date& Times: Tuesdays: January 7, 14, 21, 28; February 4, 25; March 4, 11 from 4:00-5:30 (1 inservice credit, 18 PDPs)

Course Description: Please register before January 3, 2014.

Google Drive Beginner will teach you the basics of the apps within Drive to help streamline your classroom practice. For all of the apps, you will learn how to upload, convert, share, and format.
Drive - You will learn how to manage folders and documents, upload files and folders, convert files such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint to Google docs.

Docs - You will learn how to use revision history, insert comments, upload videos, share documents and folders.

Forms - You will learn how to create a form with different types of questions, manipulate the data in the spreadsheet created by that form.

Calendar - You will learn how to create and share calendars with your class, attach handouts to an event, set up reminders.

Ladibug Document Camera

Taught by Stephanie Hoban

Particpants: All Teachers Grades K-12 who have access to a Ladibug Document Camera

Dates & Times: Thursdays 1/30, 2/6, 2/27 from 2:30-4:30 (.5 inservice credit, 9 PDPs)

Course Description: This workshop is designed to help teachers learn how to use the “ladibug” document camera more effectively in their classroom instruction. For example, did you know that your Ladibug can be used as a video recorder? Did you know that you can "freeze" the screen and set up the next type of work, while your students view the screen you "froze"? Did you know you can take snapshots and then annotate over them? It is pretty darn cool!

Teachers will work together to create new lesson plans and new ideas for uses of the Ladibug in classroom practice. Teachers will receive direct instructions followed by self-guided use reported on the Google + community.

iDVD Mini Workshop

Taught by Stephanie Hoban

Participants: All Staff in Grades K-12 with access to a Mac Computer

Dates & Times: April 9, 16, 30; May 7 from 4:00-5:30 (.5 inservice credit & 9 PDPs)

This class is designed to show teachers how to create classroom photo DVDs to give to parents. They will learn how to use iPhoto & iDVD to create a slideshow set to music, that can be burned directly to a disc so you can make multiple copies of the DVD.