Muslim Empire

Out of Mecca, East into India, West across North Africa, and on into Spain

Spread Muslim religion all over. It only took 100 years to build this empire. The areas the conquered they treated the natives very fairly.

When Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, died in 632 the new religion had already gathered a lot of victories on the battlefield. The armies of Islam quickly conquered the Arabian peninsula before moving on to take the homelands of their various neighbors. Marching out of Arabia in 639 they entered non-Arab Egypt; 43 years later they reached the shores of the Atlantic; and in 711 they invaded Spain. In just 70 years they had subdued the whole of North Africa, instituting a new order. This conquest, from the Nile to the Atlantic, was more complete than anything achieved by previous invaders and the changes it wrought proved permanent. After the conqering of Spain, the Muslim army moved north into France were a great battle was faught. The European strategic mastermind Charels "the hammer" Martel stopped the invaiding Islams.

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