My Favorite Season

By: Lauren Vinson

My Favorite Season

My season smells like freshly cut grass. It makes my nose so happy! It also smells like, well, the whole entire world got a bath! It’s so fresh! I also smell the pollen and the perfume from the freshly-bloomed flowers. And then that fresh smell of mud. I could breath it all day! Then, there’s the rain! That beautiful smell that it gives off before-and after-it decides to make our world fresh, clean and WONDERFUL!

In fact, it looks like a giant ball of rainbow just came and exploded over the whole earth, making everything so colorful and beautiful. New flowers, new buds, new sweet little cute birds in God’s wonderful creation woven together so neatly. I mean, the world just appears to glow!

During my season, there are so many sounds, I couldn’t count them all. They’re sounds of life, freshness, happiness, cleanliness, and even some of hope. There are tiny birds chirping, with their moms and dads answering. You might even be able to hear a morning dove singing their sad songs. Hoo-hoooo-Hoo-hooooo. Then you hear the sound of those new leaves rustling, making their music for the first time in three or four months!

And one of the best parts of my season is the fresh rhubarb pie. No one can beat it, and my mom makes the best! Then there are those small plants that we call honey suckles. All you have to do is pull off the top little segments and suck! Nothing quite beats a honey suckles!

My season gives me the best feeling! I feel like I am floating on air a lot, and even as I write this, I feel like that just THINKING about it! I feel the earth squish between my toes. I LOVE damp dirt. It feels wonderful! I also love to play in this season, but sometimes when I do so, I feel trickling water on my head, shoulders and arms. But as long as I won’t get drenched, I’m fine!

The weather in my season can be just perfect sometimes. Not too hot, and not too cold. But, sometimes it gets quite wet out there. Wetter than any other season. Damper and more humid as well. But, the rain makes my world smell so good, that most of the time, I don’t mind. The only time I DO mind the weather is when it’s stormy. The last month in this season is so stormy, they even have a saying for it. “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. This season I guess does get kind of scary!

My season has only one other name than its given name that I can think of. The Rainy Season. It doesn't sound too pleasant, but most of the time, it really is just fine!

That’s my season described without having written what it’s called in the text. I bet you figured it out, though. If you have, comment below! Hope you enjoyed.

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