Kegan King

Description - damage to the undeveloped control center of the brain. Can occur during pregnancy, during childbirth, and also during the time between birth and the age of 3.It is not an infectious disease and is not contagious. There is no cure/treatment for Cerebral Palsy.

Causes - Cerebral palsy is caused by environmental issues during and after pregnancy.It can be caused by damage and structural problems inside the brain. Also can be caused by pregnancy issues and birth problems.

Detection - Detection options for foreseeing the birth defect are Ultrasound (soundwaves). Another option for detection the defect is chorionic villi sampling (cuting a piece of the chorion for checking for defects. The side affect for chorion sampling is having a miscarriage.

Treatment/Cure - There is currently no treatment and or cure for cerebral palsy.

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