Welcome to New Mexico

This is the New Mexico state map

Hi Welcome to New Mexico on this page you will learn all about new mexico.  Look below to see the historical landmarks, physical feature, popular attractions,and finally  food and restaurants.

Travel Information

Santa Fe, New Mexico is 1,382 miles away from Atlanta, Georgia.  It also takes 21 hours and 5 minutes to get there by car so you would need someone interesting to to talk to or some music or even a t-v.


In April the average temperature is 65 degrees. Also i think you should wear shorts and a T-shirt or pants and a T-shirt maybe even a light sweat shirt.

Historical Landmark

Bradbury Science Museum

There are some very cool demonstrations, there are some fun  activities and some very interesting dynamic speakers.

Physical Feature

Rio Grande Vally

The valley is a beautiful sight it will blow your mind, you can also take amazing pics.


Del Charro Saloon

There are amazing cocktails also this restaurant is the spot when it is happy hour it is the best affordable  dining during that time. The service is amazing and the food is great.

Popular Attractions

limestone caves

The limestone caves are beautiful, you can go there with someone any age a baby or a grandparent it just might be the most beautiful thing you will see in your entire lifetime.    

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3 years ago

this was amazing i loved the beautiful pics

3 years ago

Noah, Your tackk was so cool. I loved to go to that limestone cave it seems so fun. I also would love to go to that science museum.

3 years ago

That was awesome i want to go to the limestone caves.