My trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in central america and is a beautiful place to visit. Costa Rica has a lot of tourists sights like the Arenal volcano, celeste river, corcovado national park ect.

a beautiful resort that I stayed at on my trip to costa rica

Costa Rica culture

costa rica culture is similar to are own but different in many ways. for example if you have a friend in costa rica and you want to meet him at a restaurant and you tell him to be there at six he'll get there at 6:30, to people in costa rica its not a meant as a rude gesture or meant to offend someone they are just going by something called tico time. Another thing about costa rica's culture is that when  women greet each other they give light kiss's on both cheeks, when men greet each other they either shake their hands or do a one handed hug. costa ricans also like to use local expressions like mae (a way to say dude or friend to someone), jamar (to eat), rulear (to sleep).

Costa Rica climate and temperatures

costa rican climates are humid, hot and very rainy. costa rica's temperatures are somewhat hot and cool in winter, in summer they are extremely hot days.

basic facts about costa rica

The capital in costa rica is San Jose, the population of Costa Rica is about 4,800,000, the national language is spanish, the type of currency costa rica has is the costa rican colon, costa rica has two neighboring countries called Nicaragua and Panama.


a favorite dish for breakfast in costa rica

one of the favorite dishes for breakfast is Gallo Pinto which is made up of of rice mixed with black beans, served with sour cream and eggs, Costa Ricans usually drink a cup of coffee or fresh fruit juice with it.

The horchata a favorite drink of costa rican's

The horchata is a favorite drink of many costa rican's, the horchata is a cold drink made from milk, rice flour, a lot of cinnamon, and sugar.

this video is about costa ricas cristmas

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