El Salvador

By:Regan Beagle

Picture: One of the volcanos in El Salvador

Basic Facts

  • Population- 6.34 million
  • National Langauge(s)- Spanish
  • Capital city- San Salvador
  • Currency- United States Dollar
  • 2 Neighboring Countries- Nueve San Salvador & San Vicente

Famous Places

1. San Salvador, El Salvador: This place is like a America city with chain stores and endless fast food joints. This place also has amazing views of the many volcanos at night and it is capital of El Salvador.

2. Tazumal Museum- Chalchuapa, El Salvador: This place is archeological site and was made in during the 1450's-1550's. This museum includes scriptures, metal artefacts, and burials.

3. San Salvador Cathedral-Calle Ruben Dario, San Salvador, El Salvador: This Roman Catholic Church was built in 1980 but many accidents and big problems came up so they had ended up finishing up in 1999. The architecture and style was built diffently than one other and had unique like features.


This is a picture of San Salvador in El Salvador

Local Expressions

1.  ¡que chivo! – awesome! How cool!

2.  cabal – exactly, true, certainly

3.  estoy con rispa – I am in a hurry

Food and Drink

1. Sopa de Pata: a popular soup made from corn, plantains, tripe and cow's feet.

2.  Tres Leches Cake: (Pastel de Tres Leches) A cake soaked in three kinds of milk, including evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and cream.

3. Kolachampan: a sugarcane-flavored soda

4. Ensalada: a drinkable blend of finely chopped tropical fruits.

This is a picture of "Sopa de Pata" a popular soup in El Salvador

Climate and Geography

Climate: El Salvador has a tropical climate with only 2 seasons, Dry season(November-April) and Wet season (May-October). The annual rainfall occurs during the wet season and at night.

Geography: El Salvador is located in the Pacific Coast of Central America and its size is about equal to the state of Massachusetts. El Salvador is different than any other country in Central America because it has no coastline. Most of El Salvador's land is mountains but one part is covered with plains.  

Cultural Festival

This picture below shows a girl dancing in the "Food Festival". The "Food Festival" is a weekend where there is entertainment, great music, lots of people, and a crazy bus that goes on ruta de las flores (a route around the mountains).  The "Food Festival is in Juayua, El Salvador and last for only the weekend. This is important to El Salvador because they get a lot of out of town people to come and that makes money for the country. It is also important because people get to show off what they make and make money and if they are entertainment they can show their talents to other people. The last reason why this is important to El Salvador because there is nothing like it in Central America so they get to show off what they do and how they think they are better than one other.   

This picture is a girl dancing in the "Food Festival" in Juayua, El Salvador
This is a picture of girls who live in a rural community come together to learn