The Declaration of Independence-Chains

The author put a quote from the Declaration of Independence because the document is stating that America is claiming their freedom from the British and Isabel/Sal is trying to claim her freedom. I believe that the author also used this quote because it's ironic that it's around the same time period that this book's setting and when America was trying to claim independence yet they own slaves. In the document it states the all men are created equal, so then shouldn't the slaves be getting their freedom too? I believe that the author chose this because what the document is saying is very similar to what our main character wants, freedom. This photo shows a slave in chains with the words "Am I not a man and a brother?" around him which relates to the primary source because the document says that they want freedom from the British when the slaves want freedom from their masters. The Declaration of Independence claims that all men are created equal yet they say that slaves are property and the slave in the picture is trying to get through to them that he is a man to.

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