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9th Grade English
Lexi Cook
Medical Field

Expository Essay

The Medical Field

The medical field has many sub-categories that are important to its function such as the following: surgery, medicine, and physical therapy. The medical field serves thousands of of people everyday.They fix broken bones, bad hips and many other things. In the medical field, they also perform a lot of surgeries.

When a person talks about the medical field, they normally talk about someone having surgery. Surgery is one of the many sub-categories in the medical field. Many people have surgeries everyday for various reasons. Surgery can fix many things that medications can't. When a patient has surgery, it may not be that something is medically wrong with them. It may be that the patient wants to look different or a specific way.

Medicine is one of the basic building blocks of the medical field. At some point in everyone's life, they will need medicine, whether it be pain medication, allergy medicine, or seizure medication. Medicine is made to make people feel better and cure their illnesses. All medications are made for a good cause people tend to abuse some medications.

A very common practice in the medical field is called physical therapy. Physical therapists help people in so many different ways. It could be helping patients rehabilitate from replacement surgeries, to helping pulled or torn muscles/ligaments. Physical therapists can work in various places such a s nursing homes, hospitals, can rehabilitation centers. Another interesting place that they can work at is the patients home, which means that they can make private home visits.

In the medical field, all of the sub-categories that go along with it have to work in unison. By doing this, they can keep you healthy and mobile. Without surgery, medicine, physical therapy and various others, the medical field plays an integral role in America and the world today. People depend on medical professionals and a solid medical system to aid them when they need it.

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