Cost of Popcorn at the Movies

   Ever been to the movies? Ever have sat down in your seat, holding those huge buckets of popcorn? Well, if you haven't noticed, your mom and/or dad could be angry because of that popcorn. It's not that they aren't getting any, it's the price they had to pay.

   Popcorn is a high-demand snack, especially at the movie theater. And because there are so many kinds, it leaves consumers with a wide variety of the famous snack. Companies use a method called bundling. Bundling is when you combine 2 or more things, and create a price for all those. Some people think that buying the bundles save money, and not also saves money. It sorta depends. With the movies, you are actually paying more, a lot more actually.Most bundles with popcorn come with a drink. The drink is likely soda pop, meaning that those companies also need to have a profit. Plus, movie theaters don't allow you to bring your own food from home, so you are almost forced to buy popcorn there.

   Now, for the actual facts, popcorn prices have increased by a bunch of money. The main reason for this is because, most Americans are eating more than they did 20-40 years ago. Now, it's "not worth" buying a small, when you could simply buy a large. 20 years ago, the average  price of a large popcorn bucket was about $6.39. Now, they are about $8.15. The percent of change is an increase, and the percentage of that increase is 27.54%. It may not seem like a lot now, but it is when you go to the movies constantly. The cost includes the ingredients, the bucket itself, and some goes to the company who produces it.

   So, in conclusion to my presentation, popcorn prices have gone up, along with most other things in the world. So, if you do plan on going to the movies, popcorn is bad as people say, just make you're careful with those prices and try for a smaller size.


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