Out with the old, and in with the new

Come settle in New England. Come on. You know you want to.

Congratulations on picking up your copy of the New England Colonies Brochure from your real estate agent, Jane O'Kelly. You do NOT want to pass up on the opportunity to move to this area. You could live in one of many options. You could live in the peaceful, forested hills of Connecticut. You could live in the sandy coasts of Massachusetts. You could live in the rocky woodlands of Rhode Island.

You'll surely enjoy these beautiful forests up in the New England Colonies

Do you really need anymore reason to come?

Well. Here's some more reasoning.

Here in the New England Colonies, you will see trees. Lots and lots of trees. Beautiful forests. Beautiful, thick, tall, forests. It's quite the site to see. The winters up here can get somewhat cold. But no matter! The trees here can help. You could use some of the trees for firewood. See? Don't have to worry about the cold! No big deal at all! You can be warm, while still having the pretty snow. The beautiful forests make for great scenery (and firewood). And the snow is beautiful. You should come just for the weather (if nothing else)! Just look at the picture above. Isn't that beautiful?!

While soil is rough, crops still go. Why don't you test it yourself?

You're still not convinced?

[sigh] How are you not convinced yet? This place is perfect. Oh well. I have much more reasoning. May as well explain the agriculture now.

Farming here is difficult. I'll admit it. But, if you plant enough food, it'll last you through the entire rough growing season. And when the rough growing season is over, you'll have plenty of food to work with until the next growing season. This problem has an easy solution. Just remember- take the rocks out of the soil before you start planting crops. Also, make sure to make enough food for you, your family, AND your livestock (animals need food too).

These New England coasts are beautiful, and help the industry.

You're a stubborn one, aren't you?

Wow. How are you not already here? You should be so excited to get to this wonderful new land and settle in. Oh well. Maybe I should just give you some more reasoning. Shall we then? You know the drill. Here we go.

Since we live on the coast up here in the New England Colonies, our shipping industry is pretty successful. And we have another purpose for trees! To make boats! We use the wood from the tree to make our boats. So our shipping and harbor come pretty natural to us. If you're really into ship building, it's very common in all of New England, but most common in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.


I've already given you a lot of reasoning. Now you want to come right? There's no disadvantage to coming. So start your journey now. See you when you get here :)

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