Scott Krautman: Riding to Work

Scott Krautman works at a small TV station in West Palm Beach, Florida, which is about five miles away from where he lives. A sales and marketing executive, it is imperative that he get to work early and start on what is usually a day’s long schedule. While many executives in his position would be comfortable in sleek cars, Scott is different. For the past two years, he has been commuting to work on a bicycle.

For Scott Krautman, using the bicycle is more than just a mode of transportation from home to work; it keeps him healthy and fit. A high school defensive end on the football team, he wanted to keep up the active lifestyle he grew up knowing. So when he landed the sales and marketing gig, and it happened to be close to home, he decided to ride his bike.

“And, that’s one less car on the road, so it works out well in reducing the carbon emissions,” he says, highlighting another benefit of his daily choice of commuting.

What drew Scott to riding the bike was coming across a bike rider every day from work. While he was stuck in traffic, the rider just kept going. Daily, the scene gnawed at him, and eventually he decided to try it. While he felt awkward at first, it grew on him. Now, he doesn't envision using the vehicle for his normal work routine, and he is even advocating colleagues to join him.

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