K-12 mLearning Options


This application is very student-friendly with material for almost every class, but it is especially useful because you can create and share your own information as well. Flashcardlet is unique because it looks like a real deck of cards, and can be used to collaborate and share all kinds of study material. It can also be accessed any time, and on any iOS device. All of the information can be e mailed or shared between peers. This application is a good choice in any K-12 classroom.

eClicker Presenter

eClicker is a perfect tool to use in a large class, because class sizes in the school system are only getting bigger. As a teacher, you can ask any question on your subject, and students can respond using a device they already have including a smart phone, laptop, or tablet. This works because feedback is immediate.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an application that recognizes ones voice, and turns speech into text. This is a great assistive technology because it reduces barriers between students. Now students who have trouble writing can still complete assignments with the voice recognition tool. This application can be used on the iPhone and iPad.

Book Creator

Book creator is a very interesting application, that can be used to create books on any topic, and read in iBooks. In class it can be used as a project, a journal to express ones feelings on a book or subject area, as a portfolio to share later with parents, or even just to take notes and have an easy place to save and access them at any time. This application os great to improve reading and literacy skills.

Brain Tutor 3D

This application is used to look at images of the brain, descriptions of the different parts and how they function. Students can electronically interact with a brain to increase their understanding of it. This is great for a biology class, and students who learn visually can greatly benefit from this. This application is an iTunes app, so it is only good if all of the students have an iTunes account.

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