DST Themed Door

Mrs. Thomas (Austin)
Create your winning Door
Here are my Suggestions...

1. Wrap the door in paper...or you make it shiny and use foil!

You could get some foil from the dollar store.  Or sometimes I use wrapping paper for large projects.

2. Trace an elephant head

Place this image on the smartboard and have a student trace it.  Make sure to put some cardboard behind it so the pencil wont damage the smartboard.

I thought this one would be cute.
You can look up others.

3. Elephant Hand Prints

Have the students create a hand print.  Just use gray paint.

This is cute.  They added googgly eyes. Click the button for more ideas.

4. Add a string for tail

Use black string (yarn) to add a tail.  Then when you hang them on the door tape or glue the strings together to they are linked. "We're all in this together"

5. Put it all together on the door.

Here are the examples...You can add more or take away.  Of course you will have more elephants linked together...I thought of "We in this together" instead of "We have an AWESOME herd" or you can find a way to use both.

This is two different ideas...add more lettering as you'd like. Glitter would be cute.
Maybe put ΔΣΘ at the bottom by the trunk.

This one uses foil and red paper.   This one uses black and red paper.
Use the foil to make a border.

Have fun...change if up if you want. If I could I would come over to help...but I am so behind...I'll try though

Tell me what you think!!!!!! *Smile*