We're glad you could make it. You probably have some questions for us, like:

  1. What's this app all about?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Who is this Eddie, and can he get me free guac at Chipotle?

And we have some answers. But first we want to give you a secret handshake for joining.

Okay, now you're officially in. Let's get to those questions.

1. What's this app all about?

AskEddie is a place to find answers to questions around campus. It's for the students, by the students.

2. How does it work?

  • Ask questions to other students on campus by posting them on the Q&A wall. Feel free to use pictures.
  • Answer questions and share your own insider tips with classmates. Simply click on the question and leave a comment (mic-drop optional)
  • The Stealth Mode section lets you ask a question anonymously. You send it to Eddie, and he posts it to the wall. It gives Eddie topics for his blog- and helps to make sure there aren't any anonymous snarky-pants. Ya feel us?
  • Check out Eddie's blog to see gifs and deep thoughts battle it out.

3. Who is this Eddie, and can he get me free guac at Chipotle?

There really is an awesome guy named Eddie who has a knack for finding delicious burritos while traveling. This app was not built by him. But his friendly personality, willingness to ask questions, and oddly useful knowledge inspire us. We'll tell you more through the blog.

Be curious. Be friendly. Be the Eddie on campus.

...and we'll keep working on the guac situation.

-AskEddie Founder, Meredith

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