Same Sex Marriages

in the United States

The smiling faces shouldn't be judged because they are in love...
How people think about in the United States

This global issue made its way to the United States around the 1990’s. The first time same sex marriages became an issue was when the Hawaii Supreme Court allowed laws that prohibited homosexuals to marry in the state of Hawaii. This Supreme Court ruling went against Hawaii’s equal right protection rights (NCSL Same Sex Marriages Laws). This was the spark that began the states debate of defining their views and rules of same sex marriages in each state. By 2000, 40 states opposed to same sex marriages and made clear that marriage only takes place between a man and women (NCSL Same Sex Marriages Laws). In 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Court established laws that made it unconstitutional to discriminate and prohibit laws against homosexuals. This court ruling also determined that homosexuals should be given the same rights, protection, and benefits as heterosexuals (NCSL Same Sex Marriages Laws).

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The happiness that brightens up there faces are incredible.

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Many homosexuals ask themselves do you accept yourself even though other people don’t? Should homosexuals have to face this in society? They need to feel safe and secure instead of wondering if someone hates them because of their decisions in life, having to deal with friends parents who aren't accepting of it, being kicked out of the house because your parents hate you or are ashamed, having your friends not want to be friends with you anymore, not being able to sleep in the same bed as some friends because their parents think that you will do something. Or having to keep your mouth shut because it will cause problems with your friends parents, not being able to date because of their parents, not being able to marry in a certain state, and having people look at you differently. This just some of the ways homosexuals feel in the world we live in, being judged on a daily basis about the decisions that they have made.

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No matter who you are with don't let people define who you are, be YOURSELF.

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“I want everyone treated fairly in this country. We have never gone wrong when we've extended rights and responsibilities to everyone. That doesn't weaken families, that strengthens families” (Killough). This is what president Barack Obama said on the television show “The View” in reference to the rights United States citizens. In the United States same sex marriages laws vary from many of the other developed countries and don't have certain rules set by the government. The United States government gives each state the right to allow or prohibit same sex marriages in that particularly state. It’s always great to have a president who backs up a very world wide issue. President Obama don't want to discriminate just because they are homosexual, they are still people and shouldn't be treated any differently than anyone else in the society. They are humans just like everyone else and God made them just like he made us. So for homosexuals don't be ashamed, be proud of who you are and don't let anyone tell you differently. You are who you are! You're beautiful and handsome! Love doesn't have a age, race, religion, gender, and ethnicity. Be who you want and nobody on this earth can judge because nobody is perfect.

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States that allow Same sex marriages 38/50

Should people be allowed to marry who they want to marry or should it be a law to determine their soul mate? The bible states “God created woman for man”, but yet he also states “thou shalt not judge” (Luke 6:37). Nobody is perfect, so they can't judge, only God can judge and you never know what he thinks about same sex marriages. This is the world that homosexuals live in. More people are disturbed to see a girl and girl kissing or a guy and guy kissing than starving kids in other countries. Why does people have the right to judge others, when in their life they were judge by a decision they made? We all know how it feels when were judged, so why judge homosexual couples? No one what should be judging because it’s not something anybody likes. No one know how God feels about homosexuals, and because they aren’t God people can’t put others in Heaven or Hell. Homosexuals don't let these people get you down because the only person who has a say so is God, therefore that is the man you ask questions to or should be worried about what he say and no one else.

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