Narrative writing steps

By: Tatum, Natasha Isabella

Step.1  Read the prompt. Think about what it means. Is it a narrative prompt?

Step 2. Brainstorm prompt possibilities.

Step 3. Pick a topic .

Step 4. Brainstorm more about the topic you chose.

Step 5. Write your KERNEL essay sentences.

Step 6 . Create a FLEE map to start adding details to your sentences .  

Step 7. Add transition words.

Step.8 Read it off your map.

Step.9 Use your FLEE map to write your first draft.Use writer's tools!

Step 10. Re-read what you wrote and edit your writing .  ( you can read it to your desk )Check for capitalization, punctuation *spelling.

Step 11. Re- read what you wrote and edit your writing.

Step 12. WRITE on the lined paper.

Step 13. Then, read your MASTERPIECE

All of the rules of narrative writing gives you a perfect essay.