The Deluxe Dictionary of Dickens

Bridle: Part of the tack or harness of a horse, consisting of the headstall, bit, and reigns

Horse wearing a bridle.

Brooding: Focused on depressing, painful, or morbid thoughts.

Brooding Woman - Paul Gauguin

Disconcerted: Disturbed in composure or self possession; unsettled.

Heretofore: Before now.

Here are two fours.

Incommode: Inconvenience

Memoranda: Multiple short notes designating something to be remembered.

Poniarded: To have stabbed with a poniard, or small dagger.

Sonorous: Giving out or capable of giving out a sound

Spurning: Rejecting with disdain or scorn.

Supped: To have provided for or entertained at supper.

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