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Just Don't Have Sex , Its Not Worth It !!!

You're Are Not Ready To Have Sex If...

1. You feel pressured.

2. You think sex equals love.

3. You think everyone is doing it ( They're not).

4. Do you know you can get pregnant at the first time.

5. You think it will change your life ? (NO)

6. You think it will make your partner love you ? (NO)

How To Say NO And Keep Your Boyfriend

7. Saying NO To sex is doubly hard if you really like him.

8. If he Mr.Right , He'll Stick Around.

9.  Just wait to have sex .

10. Let people you choose to wait and why .

11. Be clear about your limits around sex.

12. Be true to yourself.

13. Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Do You Know .... ?

14. Feminine Hygiene Sprays , Is a spray that can keep the genital area fresh but cannot prevent pregnancy.

15. Two out of live teen girls will become pregnant because they don't use any method of birth control.

16. Condoms are safe (there are no health risks)

17. Many girls aren't ready to have sex either , but feel pressured by boys.

18. Abstinence Not having sex is the only way to prevent pregnancy 100%.

19. The only way to prevent pregnancy is to keep the sperm from reaching the egg.

20. There is no safe time to have sex without using birth control.

21. Withdrawal means the man takes his penis out of the body before he ejaculates.

22. You can support each other .

23. You can catch a Sexually Transmitted Disease .

24. You can catch it through sexual contact .

25. Std's are caused by bacteria and viruses.

26. You can share body fluids.

27. Std's can caused blindness, brain damage , and heart disease .

28. You Can Catch Scabies .

29. You can catch Syphills .

30. You can catch Trichomonisis .

31. Look closely for discharge etc.

32. Make decisions before you do it .

33. One in Fourth teens gets a std's during a course in a year.

34. You cannot support your child.


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