Do you have greatness?

What is greatness? What makes someone have it? Do you have greatness? It is obvious that greatness is an extrinsic quality. One reason is that greatness is something that is earned over time with practice and dedication. I will admit that many people believe greatness is something we are born with. However, greatness is something that does not just happen; it is achieved after consistent effort.Therefore, greatness is not something you are born with, but it is a quality that you must fight and work for.

You must work for what you want and your never to old and never to late. To become a great person your gonna want people to get influence by you and  maybe wanna be you. You need to change the world and make a big difference some thing no one can never forget. When you make a difference make sure its a good way not a bad way. How does this video motivate you to achieve greatness?

"The worse thing come free to us and the best we need to work for." Many feel that they have greatness in them but how much actually work and show what they have. They always say but never prove and always have excuses, Or many wanna be great but they always make them self their own obstacle. You need to achieve the title and  also prove you deserve it.