MY HYDRAULIC PROJECT: Revised BluePrint Design

Entry #3

Issue #1: The construction of our hydraulic project had minor delays due to the few issues of the first blueprint, these delays made us create 2 different models. The first model created an unequal design when we tested it out. I believe the problem that occurred was because  the blueprint design that we intended to follow was not helping to level the structure correctly and also with the materials offered to us. We couldn't re-create the design precisely, we needed wood and nails to carry out that model.

Issue #2: Another issue was that the blueprint didn't give us a clear understanding on how to rotate the crane to move side to side using the materials we had. Our original model used different materials than us so we had to find a different way to solve it.

Issue #3: With another task being done, another issue was developed, the design didn't clearly show where the 2 tubings would be placed, this made it hard to attach it onto the model without any issues arising (the model we were following only made the crane move up and down but we wanted to make it also move side to side). My group and I had to brainstorm ideas on how to make it work accurately.

Adjustments Made:

With the major problems with the first model, we decided to take the risk of creating a second model. My group and I no longer wanted to follow our original design leading us to creating a whole new different design.  This provided the crane to not only become levelled, but also constructing a more stable design, adding a stronger base and discovering a more effective way to make the crane rotate. It also helped us make room for 2 tubings to fit in the design.