Persuasive essay

GOOD people

                      Not everyone is honest or good. We need good people in this world to balance out the evil. Good people are composed of many characteristics such as being honest and being considerate towards others.

                           There are many reasons  why you should be honest and many ways to be honest. first off, you should be honest because people will respect you more. For example  if you made a mistake  its better to admit it and try to correct it rather than just lying your way out of it. Be honest to your teachers and parents and even friends, you might not notice it but they would rather have a honest person than a person  who just tells them lies and what they wanna hear.

                                      Another way to be a good person is to be considerate towards others. Dont go around talking bad about people or putting people down. Because most of the time you dont know what that person has been through in the past . This will also  cut down on bullying  . Granted not everyone is going to like eachother and be friends with one another . But even if you dont like someone doesnt mean that you should go around spreading rumors about them.

                                         Not everyone is a good person. some people maybe have a different way of thinking. Or maybe they just dont care thats just the reality of things.. But in my opinion we should all try to make a change in our selves  and be a better person. We should all try to make the world a better place.

    Letter of recomendation

    Dear Mr Trevizo,

                            I am writing this letter recomending  Armando Quinones for the   engineering position. i have known Armando for the past year but even just knowing him in such a short amount of time there are a number of reasons why he is the best choice for the job.

                                       In the past year Armando has proved to be very hard working young man;.  He finishes everything he starts and he does everything on time. He  never complains about the work he is given  and he is very smart,  hes a straight A student and  he  helos other as much as he can and he also has a positive outlook on everything he does. he give great quality on all his work. he also follows instructions as given.

                                            those are just some of the reasons why he should get get the position.

                                                   sincerly, Carlos Sapien


    Carlos Sapien

    161915 fallen road

    i would like to aquire more knowledge in any position im put at and i want to aquire better hands on skills.

    education: Hurshal Antwine, Hernando MS, El Dorado 9th grade academy

    Work Experience: working with my dad [ Electrician] 2013- present, yard work [ cutting grass] 2012- present

    skills: great listener, very social, self motivated.

    letter of intent


    Miguel Angel Trevizo, Teacher


    21651 street

    El Paso Tx, 79938

    Dear Mr trevizo,

                                    I am a hard working young man. I always give my best in everything i do. if i make a mistake i correct it.

                                            Ive worked with my dad installing Air conditioners for his own buisness. i know how to use tools. Im good at following instructions. I have also cut grass and washed cars so i am patient and do the job right with good always looking to learn new traits and skills to help the buisness.

                                             those are just some of the skills i have to offer to your buisness and i look forward to hearing back from you.

                                        regards, Carlos Sapien