The Businesses & Tourism of the Piedmont Region

By Isaiah Nix & Joey Schoendorf

Piedmont Region

In the Piedmont Region there are many attractions and businesses and if you make a successful business you can make a lot of money because there are at least 4.5 million people in the Piedmont Region. There are many attractions such as Six Flags, White water, and aquariums. There are businesses such as the Atlanta airport, manufacturing companies, and many other businesses.


In the Piedmont Region you have to have a successful business to make lots of money and by making lots of money you can put advertisements on TV, radio, and newspaper articles and more. this can help you because your business is popular if there is advertisements and people might want to start spreading your business across the country which can increase your popularity of your business and your amount of money you make.


There are many attractions in Atlanta and other counties around Atlanta and in the Piedmont region. There are attractions such as Six Flags, Georgia Aquarium, and White water and more. These attractions attract many tourist which helps Georgia and attractions and businesses to get money.

Physical Features of the Piedmont

There are many physical features in and around the Piedmont Region there are rivers for water sources such as the Savannah river and the Chattahoochee river and lakes. There is the fall line which is the main water source for all of the Piedmont Region and this attract tourist.

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