Brighton Beach Memoirs

The Great Depression

It began right after the stock market crash of October 1929, then Wall Street went into a panic and took out millions of investors. About 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed and half of the country’s banks had failed. In attempt to end the Great depression, the U.S. government took action to help stimulate the economy. Because of this help, the Great Depression ended with the increased production needed for World War II.

Colleges in the 1930's

College tuition was around $250. The room and board $520, textbooks were $35. The major differences from college back then and today are new technology,more classes are available,more expensive. The college that Eugene would go to is UTEP, the university of Texas at El Paso. The mascot of UTEP is Pay dirt Pete.
The cost of gas was 17 cents per gallon. The cost of foods were 39 cents per pound of Sliced Baked Ham, 8 cents per loaf of bread,18 Cents for a dozen eggs. The average costs of new cars were around  $600.00. The average costs of a new home was $3,845.00. The average cost for rent was $15.00.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim,

   Mr. Stroheim, im very sorry for sweeping off the dust onto your feet. I promise I will never do it again! I was just mad, nothing like that will ever happen again. I will come back to work and you wont regret taking me back I promise you that. The reasons why you should recommend hiring me back is because I work very hard, I get the job done, I will be working a lot more and taking more shifts. Having me work for you will be great.
  I really need to help my family out right now, they are all counting on me to help in the house. We need money for the bills,food, and my little sister needs to go to the doctor because of her heart flutters. I need to help pay for that bill. My dad is sick as of right now and i am the only one who can help them out. Mr. Stroheim, this job really means a lot to me and my family.
  Having this job is great, i need to be supporting myself and my family. What i did to you was very disrespectful and uncalled for, but I will never disrespect you again when i come back to work. If you can just please forgive me for what I have done to you. I will prove to you I am better than this and I am a very hard worker.
Please re read this and forgive me, i deserve another chance to work for you, thank you.

                                   Stanley Jerome


The Lion king

May 15, 2009, was the date of the first Broadway show of The Lion King. Disney animated feature follows the adventures of the young lion Simba, his father, Mufasa, Simba's wicked uncle, Scar, plots to usurp Mufasa's throne by luring father and son into a stampede of wildebeests. But Simba escapes, and only Mufasa is killed. Simba returns as an adult, to take back his homeland from Scar with the help of his friends Timon and Pumba. The cost to see The Lion King on Broadway is about $90-$300 depending on which seats you plan to get.

My Review On Brighton Beach Memoirs

I think Brighton Beach Memoirs is definitely a great book to read. Its full of laughter's and drama. I think this book is really good because it makes you laugh and you can relate to real life situations throughout the book. One of my favorite parts of this book is when Kate and Blanche make up for arguing, this part shows that having family is very important to have. Blanche was going to move out but having Kate convince her that she needs her to be with her made her stay. The reason why I think someone should read/watch this play is because its one of Neil Simon's finest and most funniest play he was wrote. Others say its a delightful and enriching experience.

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