Scheduling a knee surgery?

Choosing the right surgeon is half the battle won.

Take your time in deciding your surgeon. Be vocal about your preferences and don’t settle for anything less than what you hope for. A good surgeon can not only make things better for you, but also won’t make them worse.

Basic changes to your lifestyle before a knee surgery

  • Being informed is always helpful – get to know about the surgery and procedures involved as much as you can.
  • A little help will be appreciated: have some relative or friend help you in before and after your surgery. Trust us, this would come in handy.
  • Arrange your house as per your convenience: keep all the frequently needed things like remotes, tissues, medications, water, and glasses etc on a table next to you. Make sure you don’t have to get up often.
  • Avoid strenuous cooking: Rely on the ready to eat or canned food items. also, frozen food can also be used. The idea is to stress your knees the least.

Prepare yourself for the surgery

The trick is to strengthen your muscles around the knee before the surgery. A gentle exercise is recommended for around a month before the operation. Basic walking, physiotherapy sessions or swimming would suffice.

A week before the surgery

Ensure that the chosen surgeon conducts a preoperative session with you. This session would involve the surgeon and his scrubs and other staff members. This session would essentially focus on your medical history. They might also recommend a few basic tests in order to get a better idea about how your body will respond to the knee surgery. Be open and honest about any medication that you take whatsoever. You never know which might harm you post surgery.