Average Science Grade

Graph 9.  By: Jessica Bauman

Graph #9!!!

Graph #9.  

Cayla was not understanding the material she was learning in Science so,  her average grade was a 40% after the 2nd quarter ended in January. Cayla continued to get the same grade until she got her dog Sofie during Spring Break in April. Cayla's grades kept decreasing until school was over in July. When school was over her average grade was 30%.  Because of her bad grades, Cayla's parents made her to summer school. Her average grade in science steady started to increase.  By the time the first quarter ended in October during the next school year, Cayla's grade went up by 40 points to a 70% grade average in science. Over the total 10 months, Cayla's grade changed a total of 50 points, because it went from 40%, to 30% and then up to 70%.

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