Papa's Parrot

By: Jumiyah Johnson

Papa finally got out of the Hospital and he wasn't so good. He later told Harry "Im not going to make it". Harry knew his father was in a bad shape, and that he couldn't do anything thing with out him. Later that day the parrot was making weird noises. Harry said "Oh give me a break"! Rocky followed on and said "Oh give me a break"! harry was very shocked. He tried his best to figure out where his father got that dumb parrot from. There was this group, this group of beautiful girls that walked into the store. Harry whispered " Oh Baby'! Rocky again followed on "Oh baby!!, but this time he said it even louder. The girls soon spotted Rocky. A girl named Emily said "Hello wow you look amazing". Harry thought she was talking to him. He responded " Hello...girl that just walked in", while scratching the back of his head, very nervous. "How does your feathers look so nice and colorful you beautiful thing you"?, Smushing her face against the cage. "How does your feathers look so nice and colorful you beautiful thing you"? Emily screamed " Ahh"! The group ran out of the store as if they had seen a ghost.

Harry knew that he should have took the Parrot back to the store as he planned. A couple minutes went by and he heard the phone ringing. "ring ring". It was Dr.Oz, he told Harry that his father had past and he was so sorry for his lost. Harry was heart broken and he knew he should have spent more time with his father.

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