Frankie La Cassa & Fabrizio Di Lorenzo
"In The Dark" feat. Margot

#electro house

"In The Dark" is the first single by Frankie La Cassa vs Fabrizio Di Lorenzo feat Margot out now for Green Park/ Bliss Corporation.
The new crew burn out a dynamic Electro House song that has been composed by the effort of each component and thanks to a long test of the tune in several dancefloors.
The epic drop comes after a pop melody sung by Margot, one of the most interesting Italian club vocalist.
The song has been remixed by Gianluca Argante, a well known Italian Tv character, producer, model and Dj that made an astonishing electro remix, by Lani that brought is unique deep house touch to the track and by Bazar and Gargantua, two house producer to keep an eye on.

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