Full Stop Ahead Math 2 project

Activity 1 Graph

For activity 1 we had to use the formula that was given to us. The formula was d=.044s^2+1.1s. D=distance to stop, S= speed. We had to plug in 10,20,30,40,50,60. These numbers are plugged into the chart and graph below.

Activity 1 Chart

Activity 2 Chart

We had to use the formulas provided and caluculate the distance of skid marks when you are on wet roads and when on dry roads.

Activity 3 Question

We had to use the formula in activity 1 and find the speed you have to to be going to get a skid mark of 150ft.

Activity 4-Video

We had to part up with a partner and film a video of what were learned and what we found out in our exercises.

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