Reading Log for 4-27-14

My book is Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

                                                   My Goal is to.... Read 100 minutes, to get it in on time and to have a good summary for each day.

                                            Day One Chapter 8 Pages 101-121 Jessie

    Jessie woke up at 9:05, and still was tired. When she woke up five minutes later, she knew why she was tired: All day yesterday, she was painting nails, painted faces, and braiding hair. The line was never ending, also, everyone wanted everything different. The each made $24 that day, but it wasn't nearly enough to win the war. Then, Jessie had a crazy idea: She would call up some girls and make multiple stands around the neighborhood. That was idea number 6 out of her mom's book. Just then, Megan knocked on the door.

   "I have an idea!" She told Megan about her idea. They spent all their money, $80, on lemonade and plastic cups. Then they went around the neighborhood asking girls to do it. Then they sat for a while, and then rode their bikes around to the girl's houses and picked up the money. They made $104! Jessie told Meagan she was going to give her money to the Animal Rescue League. So was Megan, and Megan gave her money to Jessie to donate too. Jessie now had $208!!! Megan invited Jessie to the beach tomorrow. Jessie said yes.

                                         Day Two Chapter 9 Pages 121-128 Evan

          Evan was racing his marble track, he watched as the marble went around loops and majigs and then it went into the finally drop and went soaring through the air, and went into the bulls eye. Right after that, is when Jessie came in. She was hot, sweating really bad, but was smiling.

         "What are you smiling for?" Asked Evan. But then it hit him: he had won the war. Evan raced another marble down the track. It did the same thing, except it didn't go in the bulls eye. Jessie gave Evan some advice, but he ignored it. Jessie walked up stairs, but Evan said, "Hey, you want to call this whole thing off, I mean the war and all that?" Evan heard Jessie stop at the end of the stairs. Jessie came back down the stairs. "I don't know what to say...." Said Jessie. "I told Megan, but-" "You told Megan! You know what, never mind, forget what I said. The wars on, prepare to DIE!"

                                 Day Three Chapter 10 Pages 128-143 Jessie

        Jessie woke up at 8:00, by the sound of a metal garage door opening. Jessie got out of bed and head downstairs. Her mom was making toast and scrambled eggs. Jessie's mom asked if she wanted any, she declined. Jessie poured a bowl of Kix, and ate. She cleaned up her mom's mess and hers. When she was done, Evan came in and emptied his backpack. He had 32 cans of lemonade! That's would be 256 dollars. That's more than she has.

      The other day, Jessie snuck into Evan's room. But there was a rule at there house: Your only allowed in someone else room without a invitation. But, she broke it anyway. Jessie opened his box. He had $103.09. 91 cents of, Jessie couldn't believe it.

     When Evan was done making his lemonade, Jessie sprang into action. She put three bags of fruit flies, two harry caterpillars, one moth, and a fist full of dirt, for good measures in Evans lemonade. Then she screwed on the lid, and went in her room. She watched as Evan rode away. She went downstairs to get her bathing suit and went outside and in Megan's car, to the beach.

                                       Day Four Chapter 11 Pages 143-152 Evan

     Evan sold two glasses of lemonade before someone notice the bug in her drink. When Evan opened to cooler, he about lost his mind. There were tons of fruit flies, two harry caterpillar's, and a worm. He poured it out, and watched the lemonade sparkle on the glass. When the last bit of lemonade came out, there was a chunk of mud.

    Evan walked home, very mad and depressed. He was thinking the whole time about how this could happen, or who did this. Then he thought about what Jessie said, mom wants to see you right away. He couldn't rap his mind around it. Then it hit him, like a wrecking ball. Jessie did it. Evan sprinted home, when he came in the door, he checked the trash can, three plastic bags. He hit the fruit bowl, hardly any flies came out.

     Evan went into Jessie's room and got the key to her lock box. He knew where it was, he seen her hide it. He searched her room until he found it, it was in her closet. Inside, there was $208. $208 vs. $66.11, no contest. Evan took the money, he would give it back after the war was over.

                                           Day Five Chapter 12 Pages 152-155 Jessie

      The ride to the beach was long and boring. Jessie and Megan played license plate tag, 20 questions, and magnet bingo. The parking lot was full, so they had to park half a mile away. They had to walk awhile to find a spot on the beach. Megan thought the water was to cold, so they rarely went in the water. All they did was build sand castles and collect seashells.

    On the way home, it was itchy and again boring. Jessie didn't feel like playing any of the games Megan had to offer. About 30 minutes away, Jessie felt sick. Every mile they got closer to Evan, the more she felt sick.

                                                                My Goal:

       Yes, I did meet my goal because, I read 100 minutes, I turned it in on Thursday, I think a did good summaries,(except on short chapter).