Ocean Pollution

By Sasha Norris

12 Facts

1. Toxic metals can destroy the growth in marine life.

2.Plastic is the most common element that is found in the ocean.

3.The biggest source of pollution in the ocean is directly from land based sources, such as oil, dirt, septic tanks, farms, ranches, motor vehicles, among larger sources.

4.Over one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution each year

5. There is an island of garbage twice the size of Texas inside the Pacific Ocean.

6.People get contaminated easily by eating contaminated seafood that can cause serious health problems, from cancer to damage to immune system.

7.50 percent of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw away.

8. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times.

9. 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans.

10. 300,000 dolphins are killed due to pollution each year.

You can make a change !

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