Project 8

Reflection: Technology In The Classroom

Wow, it's amazing how much I have learned this semester! This semester flew by and I am sad that is coming to an end.  Dr. G, you're an amazing teacher and I WISH you were teaching the rest of my classes to finish up my degree.  Thank you so much for everything. It seems that my teaching classes (last semester and this semester) are the classes that make me the saddest about the semester ending.  I am so sad to leave, I would continue this class throughout summer and so on!  All I have ever done was power point, a couple IMovies in high school, and that is basically it.  Now I have learned so many other options to use to finish up my schooling and to use in my degree!  This is even my first tackk I have ever done!

How did this course meet your expectations? Include specifics about what you learned from the course and any suggestions for improvement of the course.

* In this course, I honestly thought we were just going to talk and learn about the different machines that some of us may have heard and not heard before  (computer, Ipad, Smart Board, Elmo) and I at first was thinking that this is all we would be doing.  I never even thought about focusing on different websites that are available to us and creating projects with these new websites and learning how to use them.  I learned so much this semester!! I learned how to make a smore (which I love!!), glog, tackk, socrative (or other quiz type websites), how to create a fun class opener, how to make a QR code, how to incorporate these apps/websites for my lesson plans, sub plans, individualized learning plans, or to even make a lesson out of it and have the students do the lesson off of these websites. When I first enrolled in my teaching classes, I thought that these will be my easiest classes this semester and that I would just have fun and not have to worry about anything.  They are actually my hardest and now I feel guilty because I thought that. However, the teaching classes are the classes I have the most fun in! When it was the first day to log into canvas, I was so overwhelmed by all the projects because I am one who is always thinking down the road was completely shocked and didn't know where to begin. We started the class and I thought that I was right and I was going to have a terrible time.  But, was I wrong!!  I enjoyed making all the projects, thinking outside the box and trying to become somewhat creative, and it ended up being a great, fun, class!!!  I was actually taking a test today and it was all fill in the blank and multiple choice.  I thought that I had great notes and I still struggled and stressed and just wanted to finish the test already.  During the test, I did think of all these projects and felt that I honestly learned SO much more doing these projects then I did taking notes and trying to do this test.  With these projects I was able to think outside the box, and explained what I learned.  I much rather do that and show you, the teacher, in a fun way that I know the material rather than having a test (in which we have to finish before the class period) and rushing through it to finish it and getting a bad grade even though we may not have covered the material or I may or may not know or understand the material. 

*  I honestly don't really have much suggestions to improve this course!  I loved how detailed everything was and how you had an outline of what we needed to be done.  I honestly wish that this class would have been every week, because on the weeks that we didn't attend class, I would just stare at my computer trying to come up with an idea or what I am even supposed to be doing even though you gave me strict instructions.  I am a more visual and auditory learner and so I love when the teachers tell me what to do in person so I can process it.  This works for me better than reading the instructions.  Maybe the only thing I could think of is introduce and briefly talk about the next project the week we're in class. I know that we did this a couple times and once I heard you tell us what to do, I was on it!  I also loved grading other peoples work and hearing feedback.  I wish that sometimes I would have gotten better feedback, but I could have also probably given them better feedback as well.  Also, I wish we would have started the blended courses the first week that all classes started.  I think this would have made me feel less overwhelmed, but I know you don't have anything to do with that. (:  I loved this course!  Probably one of my most challenging and favorite class!!

What are the implications of using technology in the classroom?

Some implications of technology in the classroom maybe that students are less focused and they won't learn anything.  Or possibly that students should just be in a desk in front of a whiteboard all day long doing work.  I believe if you monitor the students and make sure they are staying focused and on task and completing their work, technology is great for the classroom.  Technology in the classroom doesn't have to be an everyday thing and I think that is something that people forget.  Some people may think that all we do is use it everyday all day long, which yes that may be true and it may not. There are many different kinds of technologies out there that draw the students in and make learning fun and exciting.  Those people who think that technology is ruining schools should see the kids faces when you mention they are going to do an assignment on the IPad.  It goes from "No, I don't want to do an assignment" to "Yay!! Lets do this assignment".  It is a great feeling knowing that the kids are having fun while learning.  They even use their fingers which helps with the kinesthetic leaners.  I do believe that technology should not be used every second of the day or for every lesson that the teacher gives because I feel that without technology you'll connect better with your students if you interact with them.  Maybe at first use board games or doing a paper assignment together one on one.  After getting to know them, then start introducing technology.  You could ues technology as an award system or just as a system to learn, which is great!

Reflect on your expectations of yourself and tell how you met your expectations and/or how you could improve yourself.

I honestly am pretty proud how far I have come since the beginning of class. I thought that I did a pretty good job on all my projects and most of them I couldn't even wait to show my mom because I was so excited about them! One of my expectations was to stay on top of all my work and turn them on time. I feel that I did a wonderful job at this! I hate feeling rushed and I loved the feeling of getting something done early. Another expectation that I had from Project 1 was I wanted to learn new technology. I have absolutely learned a lot of technology that I am proud of, however personally I wish I would have stepped out of the box more and done some other websites or new tools that people rarely use or a tool that has never been heard of. I, myself could work on being more creative I feel. Even though I thought I was creative, it drives me to be even more creative and that's what I want. I want to come up with a project that makes people go "Wow!" and if you don't put a lot of creativity into your projects, you'll never get that "Wow!".   Something about me is that I honestly hate change.  I loved sticking to what I know.   I didn't want to try all these new tools because I was used to what I already knew. I am slowly getting better at that and exploring more options and searching more options for all my other presentations I have for school. I just need to believe in myself and know that I could make an amazing project that will my the teachers go "Wow!".

Thank you!!

Dr. G, I just wanted to say thank you again for everything!  I loved both of the classes I am in and look forward to coming each time we meet!!  I have always wanted to do teaching or sonography but I just couldn't decide because both fields sound amazing. I was highly considering sonography throughout the semester because I just wasn't sure if I wanted to be a teacher still.   But your wonderful comments that you gave me or the talks that you, Sophia and I have had after class changed my mind and made me realize that this world needs teachers who care.  Teachers who are just like you!  You inspired me to be a teacher where I want to have my students look up at me and feel inspired because of me!  Thank you so much! I am now enrolled for my three summer classes that I have to take before starting the BEST program in the Fall!  Thank you again, Dr. G!

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